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RV Camping Checklist

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

You purchased an RV and now you are wondering what camping essentials you will need. Do not be like me and go hog wild in the store purchasing everything and anything you can think of. The store employee was following behind me with a smile ensuring me that I would need EVERYTHING that I was putting in my basket, looking back, I think they may have been working off commission. After setting up my RV site I realized I did not need everything that I bought at the store and I did not have everything that I needed.

So, what RV camping essentials are needed? Below is a RV Camping Essential Checklist.

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Surge Protector

A surge protector will protect your electrical equipment in your RV from electrical surges. Power surges can be caused by bad wiring at the campground or lightning from a nearby storm. You can purchase a surge protector for less than $100 and it is a must have.

Electrical Adapters

I have never had to use an adapter at a campground, but if the campground has 50 AMP and you have 30 AMP or vice versa you will need an electrical adaptor. When camping in a friend’s backyard or at your house it is good to have a 15 AMP adapter so you can plug into a household outlet.

Sewer Hose Kit

Everyone’s worst fear the “stinky slinky”. I am not sure why everyone is afraid of the waste line connection just get yourself a box of disposable gloves and connect your waste line.

Sewer Hose Support

The sewer support hose helps ensure proper drainage from the RV to the sewer hookup. Believe me you don’t want to be packing up and still have sewage in the line when you think its empty. Due to the gradual decline of the sewer hose support it will ensure there are not wet surprises when its time to pack up.

Water Pressure Regulator

Sometimes the water presser at the RV campground can be too high and you will need a water pressure regulator to protect your waterlines from damage. You will always want to attach your pressure regulator directly to the campground spigot before attaching your water hose.

Drinking Water Hose

Hose to connect from the campground water source to your RV.

Water Filter

The water is not always the best at campgrounds and having clean water is important. You will also need a small hose to connect from the water pressure regulator to the filter.

90-Degree Elbow for Water Hose

The 90-degree elbow will attach to the RV water connect line then the water hose line will connect to the elbow. The 90-degree elbow will help prevent stress to the hose line and avoid kinks.

Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks help level your RV when on unlevel surfaces. Its good to have all wheels on the ground to stabilize your RV and leveling blocks will tremendously help. Leveling blocks can also be placed under your leveling jacks for more stability.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure gauge is important thing to have in your arsenal. Properly inflated tires can prevent blowouts, expand the life of your tires, and improve gas mileage.

These are some items that are nice to have but not always mandatory.

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is helpful to keep the RV clean when you are lacking a patio or a grassy a area. I enjoy stepping out onto a rug in the morning after waking up rather than the dirt.

Portable Lantern

Rechargeable portable light is great when camping. It took me awhile to realize this was something that I would need, but now I would not go on a camping trip without it.

Clothes Drying Rack

Nothing annoys me more than not having anywhere to dry your wet clothes when coming back from the beach or pool. In the past we would use our camping chairs but that made them all wet and we couldn’t sit in them, then we had the bright idea of using the arm of the awnings but that just made us look like the Beverly hillbillies. We finally found a clothes rack that attaches to the latter on the back of the camper, which works out great and keeps the drying clothes out of sight.

Portable Gas Grill

Cooking is an important part of the camping lifestyle and my family prefer to use a portable gas grill when doing so. Its light weight and the propane can also be used with our gas fire pit.

Gas Fire Pit

If you are like my wife you may not like the smell of smoky clothes after a long night sitting by the fire, but what is camping without a campfire? To me a campfire is an essential part of camping and it helps sooth anxiety from every day life while sitting around it, so my wife and I compromised and got a gas fire pit.

This concludes our RV camper checklist. Remember this is just a guide and with these items you are sure to enjoy your camping trip. Do not get suckered into buying more than you need like I did because space is important when camping.

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