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9 Fabulous RV Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Whether you live full time in an RV or only take your rig out for weekend excursions, it’s nice to give your camper a personal touch to make it feel more like home. And we are not just talking about sprucing up the interior. We mean giving the outside of your RV some style that will make it the envy of the campground!

Decorating the outdoor area of an RV adds glamour to your camper and a bit of comfort and coziness to your camping experience. Use these RV décor ideas to transform your dull home on wheels into an outdoor patio paradise.

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Put Out a Rug to Tie the Space Together

Laying a decorative rug in front of your rig will not only keep your RV and camping area clean but will also provide a homey touch and lighten the mood. Pick a color that complements your rig's interior and a size that fits the outdoor space you want to create.

Your family will love to sit on the soft surface when it’s time to play games like cards or scrabble. If you want to rely on the rug season after season, get one that’s sturdy and resistant to water, stains, and UV light.

Add Some Campsite String Lights

Just because you’re camping in nature doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your RV with some colorful lights. String lights are fantastic campsite decorations that create a beautiful atmosphere where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening.

These fairy lights are gentle on the eyes and fun to look at as they sparkle. Match the beautiful lighting inside the RV by hanging the glowing strands around your RV and awning. Just ensure the design you pick is waterproof and rated for outdoor use.

Relax in Cozy Camping Chairs

Modern camping chairs are as cozier as they've ever been. If you're stuck with drab metallic lawn chairs, it's time to switch to a fancier version.

You can now find comfy campsite chairs and lounges that come in a wide array of designs, sizes, and colors, allowing you to combine comfort with style in your outdoor seating arrangements. Try a zero-gravity chair or a folding rocking chair with built-in shocks.

Breathe Some Life into Your Outdoor RV Area With a Picnic Table and Tablecloth

Why eat with a plate in your lap while you can bring a lightweight table to the campsite? An adjustable camping table is an excellent option for staging meals and serving coffee.

Cover it with a patterned weatherproof tablecloth to add an element of homeyness to your space. Go a step farther and place some colorful potted flowers on top.

Use an Awning Extender for More Covered Space

Although most rigs come equipped with awnings, the shade they offer isn’t always enough to keep the sun’s relentless rays from penetrating the patio area. An awning extender can nearly double RV canopy coverage, giving you more covered space next to your camper.

It's easy to install, and it combines well with your existing awning. You’ll now have ample space to read a book, eat a meal outside, or enjoy an ice-cold glass of lemonade.

Set Up an Outdoor Screen Room Next to Your RV

If you don't want to spend your time holed up inside your RV, and you don’t fancy an awning extender, create a screen room. This shelter will offer extra outdoor living space for entertaining your family and friends.

It will block the harsh sunlight, cool the temperatures, offer some privacy, and keep away the pesky bugs. String some lights to add some style to the screen room.

Create Atmosphere With a Lightweight Portable Fire Pit

Camping is all about the ambiance of the campfire. However, not all RV campgrounds have fire pits. If you want to avoid crowded firepits or don’t want to deal with smoke and firewood, get cracking with a portable propane fire pit.

It's easy to assemble, move and pack up, and you can use it to cook or as a decorative addition to your RV's patio. A propane fire pit is a safer option because there are no burning embers or sparks to cause an accidental fire.

Add Seasonal Garland to Reflect the Current Holidays

While many people enjoy decorating their homes seasonally, few RVers spruce up their rigs for the changing seasons and holidays. Make your RV feel more inviting by adding some seasonal touches.

Make a pretty string of garland that matches the current season and hang it over the windows or doorways. Whatever decorations you choose, remember to keep it simple to avoid overwhelming the space.

Upgrade Window Treatment to Brighten Up the Place

Most RV manufacturers stick to neutral colors when it comes to window treatments. But this can leave your camper looking quite boring. Why not swap out the drab coverings for a bolder style.

Fresh window treatments can brighten up your home on wheels and make it look more elegant and fascinating from the outside. Just make sure you pick a hue and pattern theme that blends with the other outdoor decor.

Up Your RVing Game with Some Great Campsite Decorations

There are so many ideas you can use to spice up your RV’s outdoor area. Cozy picnic furniture, a portable fire pit, colorful mat, cheery lights, and wreaths for the different holidays are just some of the decorations that will immediately elevate the space. But as you explore your creativity, remember to only use lightweight decor to avoid overloading your rig.

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